Friday, 1 February 2008

Super Heroes & Cartoon Capers

October 2007

Tonight we join up with the folk from Comica, to explore the world of comic book heroes, manga, animated adventures and cartoon capers. Theme tunes and music inspired by the characters and faraway places will share the bill with outsider music from artists who worked in both fields. Along with the usual diverse collection of projected cover artwork, we will also be displaying work from the Comica artists.


Def Con One (Twilight Zone Mix) - Pop Will Eat Itself
Superman - The Kinks
Comic Books - Deborah Harry
Spiderman - The Ramones
Rhubarb and Custard Theme
Magneto & Titanium Man - Wings
Mountain Top - Daniel Johnson
Can U Dig It? - PWEI

PITCH played

Spider Man - Ramsey Lewis (Don't It Feel Good LP)
Sunshine Superman - Big Jim Sullivan (Sitar a-go-go LP)
Up In The Sky - Mike McNaught (Rupert and the Firebird LP)
Batman Theme - Les & Larry Elgart (Sound of the Times LP)
Where are you, Scooby Doo? - Mike McNaught (Scooby Doo and the Snowmen Mystery LP)
Dan Dare (Pilot of the future) - Elton John (Rock of the Westies LP)
Superman Lover - Johnny Guitar Watson
One Nation Under a Groove - Parliament
I Am The law - Human League (Dare LP)
I Got Six - Bob Dorough (Multiplication Rock LP)
Cat Woman - Abaco Dream
The Riot - Ed Bogas (Fritz the Cat LP)
Modesty Blaise Theme - John Dankworth (Soundtrack LP)
Ghost Rider - Suicide (1st LP)
O Superman - Laurie Anderson


Micky's son and daughter - Bonzo dog band
It's all too much- The Beatles
Fields of people - The Move
Michaelangelo - 23 rd Turnoff
San francisco sketches - Blodwyn Pig
Batman and Robin over the roofs - Dan and Dale
A quick one while he's away - The Who
Helen butte - Miles Davis
Roots - Nucleus
Wonder woman - Geoff Love
Captain Marvel - Chick Corea
Disco - Henry Mancini
Blessed relief -Frank Zappa
Tales of brave Ulysses - Cream
Catch the pigeon - Dastardly and Muttley in their flying machines
Supersonic rocket ship - The Kinks
Josie and the pussycats - Josie and the Pussycats ??
Ballad of you me and Pooneil - Jefferson Airplane


Henry's Cat Theme - Peter Shade
Batman - Geoff Love Orch.
The Green Hornet - The Bus Lines
Lotta Trouble - Maxwell Davies
Night Rumble - Al Hirt
Kikaider - Title Theme
Robin's Theme - Dan & Dale
The Joker's laugh - The Dynamic Batmen
The Man from THRUSH - The Revengers
Lone Wolf's Theme (from Shogun Assassin OST) - Mark Lindsay
"Toriton" BGM
Green Hornet Theme - Al Hirt
The Black Queen's Beads - Young Lovers
Batman Blues - Neil Hefti
Deep Down - Christy/Morricone
Afro Rock Theme (from Lupin BGM)
Smoke (from the Barbarella OST) - Bob Crewe
Under the Light of Daybreak (from the Japanese Spiderman BGM) - Unknown artist
House Rock (from Fritz the Cat) - Ed Bogas
Mr Rossi (W. la Felicita) - Franco Godi
Spider-Man - Will Power
Agent 00008 - Capes & Masks
Get Smart - The Clee-Shays

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